JVB bearing knowledge chapter

The following problems and solutions are only for deep groove ball bearings, bearing in the installation and use of the process of problems and solutions

Problem 1 :The bearing can not be installed (small inner diameter or large outer diameter)

1.the size of the external parts is not standard.
The bearing itself is a precision grinding workpiece (except for iron or punching material), and now the manufacturing process of domestic bearings has been greatly improved, and the dimensional tolerances are generally in line with the national standard parameters (now most of them refer to GB/T276-2013 standard). And many of the external parts are turning workpieces or castings once formed. Therefore, according to the majority of customers and on-site measurement, many bearings can not be installed, 80% of the reasons are caused by the external parts. Therefore, it is recommended that customers first find the outsourcing parts for measurement.
2. Measurement method is not standard.

Problem 2: bearing heating or burning blue

1.bearing speed is high.
For parts or equipment with high speed requirements, such as motors, it is recommended to increase the bearing clearance, such as C3 and C3 above. And C3 clearance is basically the basic clearance of high-speed motor.
2. external load is large
And for the external load requirements, it can be through the modification or increase the wall thickness of the bearing outer ring, but also by increasing the steel ball (only for ball bearings) to increase the bearing bearing capacity.
3.Not in place
The bearing is not completely in place in the installation, causing the bearing clearance to be too large or too small. The inner and outer rings are not in the same rotation center, resulting in different centers.

Problem 3 :The bearing is noisy during operation

1. The noise of the bearing itself is not up to standard.
2. The packaging is not up to standard
There are strict standards for the packaging of high precision bearings, such as vacuum packaging, which must be single package.
3.Violent transportation
During transportation, the secondary damage caused by brute force loading and unloading. Even the layer height is too high long-term pressure negative may also make the bearing internal groove damage.
4.Wrong installation method
In the installation process, due to incorrect installation method, resulting in ball and groove damage and noise.
5.Poor sealing
Poor sealing of the bearing and serious pollution of the external use environment may cause internal dirt to enter.

1, first of all, choose the noise full inspection products.
2, packaging and transportation in line with high precision requirements.
3, Use standard bearing heater to heat up and then use special tools to assemble and disassemble.
4, change the bearing seals and sealing methods, from the original iron cover seal to rubber cover seal (temperature can withstand the premise), the non-contact to contact sealing. That is, often returned to the inner hole slotted.

Problem 4:Oil leakage of bearings in the process of use

1. Because of high bearing speed or high temperature of external environment
Inject the high temperature grease that can meet the use environment
2. caused by the bearing itself is not strictly sealed
Can be solved by replacing contact seals.

Problem 5 :Bearing is not durable

1. Bearing external load is large
Due to product design and product selection is not right, for example: vibrating screen with deep groove ball bearings is not suitable.
2. The use of steel is not up to standard or quenching technology caused by the metallurgical organization is not tight enough.
So that the bearing wear resistance is not enough, and produce bearing wall spalling, reduce service life.
2. grease filling is not timely or arbitrarily change the grease composition.

Re-selection change the raw material supply. Change the quenching and testing technology.
Timely filling grease, if you want to replace the grease, you need to clean the original grease, so as to avoid the chemical reaction of the two grease and thus accelerate the failure.

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